While Megan enjoys designing and handcrafting leather goods, she is equally energized by working with others that are interested in learning about the craft.

When Megan first began dabbling in leather, she became quickly frustrated with the lack of resources available on the topic.
Megan has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars experimenting, learning, and honing her skills. While she does not claim to be an expert in every area of leatherwork, over time, Megan has built on the basic foundations of traditional leatherwork techniques to develop her own style with a modern aesthetic.
As a former middle school science teacher, she loves teaching others and understands that we all learn differently. If you’re interested in working with Megan, take a look at the opportunities below and let’s get started!

Megan is also the founder of the LEATHERWORK ACADEMY. Dedicated to helping beginners learn the foundations of the craft, the Leatherwork Academy is an online resource providing leatherwork education.

If you have an interest in learning to create your own leather goods, be sure to connect with the Leatherwork Academy.

Are you looking to have Megan create a custom piece for you? If you’re wanting a very minor adjustment to an existing item Megan offers, that may be able to be handled via email.  However, to best serve you, anything beyond that is handled via a custom order consultation.

During this time, you and Megan will discuss the specifics of your custom request. Megan will provide options and if you choose to move forward with an order, 50% of this consultation fee will go toward your order

Here's how it works....

1) Purchase the listing for a “custom order consultation”

2) After your order for the custom consultation is processed, you’ll receive a pre-consultation form to complete via email. The questions on the pre-consultation form will help Megan prepare before the consultation so you can maximize your time together.

3) Megan will also contact you via email with a few potential dates/times and you can select the consultation time that works best for you.

4) Your custom order consultation will be conducted via telephone, Google Hangouts, or Skype—whichever you prefer.