Journal Refills

You filled up the initial notebook that came with your refillable journal/sketchbook. Now what? Many of the standard sizes Megan uses can be found at national office supply retailers. However, if you’re having trouble finding a good fit—or you just don’t want to bother making a trip to the store, the button below will take you to Megan’s recommendations for notebook refills.


Does your leather item need a little TLC? Wondering what to buy to keep your leather goods looking their best? No worries–Megan’s got your back! She’s compiled a list of her favorite leathercare products in one handy spot. The button below will take you there!


Does all this weird leather vocabulary leave you feeling clueless? No worries. I’ve put together this FREE printable pdf of the most commonly used “Leather Lingo”. It covers the basics to ensure you’ll no longer look (or sound) like a leather newbie. Download it for free!


*****Some of the links above are affiliate links which means that we may get a small commission if you purchase via our link. Megan only recommends items that she personally uses and feels would be beneficial to our customers. None of the item prices have been increased to compensate Megan’s Mark.