I’m the “Megan” of Megan’s Mark and….I love leather! It’s really that simple. How it smells. How it feels. How it just gets better with time.

When I was a kid, my dad had a leather bag that was stunning! It didn’t have a lining or any of those extra gimmicks that you see on the bags found in stores—it was just good ol’ leather and I wanted it!!

Now, my dad is a generous guy but one thing he would never part with was that leather bag. Thirty years later, he still has “the bag” and it looks better every year.

Once I realized that no matter how many “pretty please with a cherry on top” or puppy dog eyes I sent his way I still wasn’t getting his bag, I decided to make my own.

I’ve always been energized by creating things, and in 2014, after stepping away from the corporate grind, I began experimenting with leather.

Starting small, I made leather tags for my furkids and worked my way up. I’m a self-taught leathersmith who values the simple beauty of a well-made leather piece. No linings or stiffeners around here—just leather, the kind you’ll have for years!

Many of my creations originated out of an idea I had for a friend or family member.

Each item is handcrafted at my workshop in Georgia.

From the initial conception of an idea…to the design (and redesign) phase….to holding the final product in my hands…it’s the process that drives me. I mean really, it’s not uncommon to find me randomly singing aloud and dancing a little jig in my workshop as I wipe the leather dust from my brow!

Custom orders are welcome. Feel free to book a custom consultation with me where we’ll discuss your vision and work together to design a piece that fits your needs. Production time for custom items depends on the complexity of the piece and the current order volume at time of purchase.

When I’m not getting messy in my workshop,
you’re likely to find me…..